About Samskara Healing

What is “Samskara”?

“Samskara” is a sanskrit word that refers to the impressions or imprints of the mind. Indian philosophy teaches that every action, intent or perception leaves these imprints that inform our habits, sense of self worth or subliminal thoughts. Self awareness is critical in building practices and habits to create samskara that bring you to the highest version of yourself.

Self Awareness

Healthy Relationships

Highest Version of Yourself


Hello, I'm Lauren! 

I’m a clinical social worker who loves helping people find practical strategies for self care. I encourage mindfulness strategies because I believe self awareness is key to identifying the sources of pain & the strengths we have to heal and grow.

The goal of therapy is not to learn to suppress emotions, but to find ways to allow & experience our emotions without feeling as though they are drowning us or ruling our lives. My style is warm and down to earth with humor sprinkled in wherever possible.